You Have To Take Them With You This Can Make It Bearable

Dated: July 1 2017

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We've all been there, you get the unexpected phone call, an opportunity that you just can't pass up. The price is too good. The location can't be beat. You open your mouth and before thinking, you hear your own voice,speak out a resounding "Yes".  Suddenly it hits you, the excitement and the anxiety. You're moving! You hang up, you turn around and then you think, "What about the kids?" 

Moving is stressful whether it be a local move or something long distance that really shakes the family up.  It's new location, new employers (possibly), new traffic routes, then there is the house, will you find some thing that you love, some thing that fits what the family is used to. Kids are feeling some of the exact same emotions. The problem is they don't always know how to express it, and they have no control over what's happening, so what does happen? Chaos!

Once the decision is made, and plans are forming here are a few things you do to help the feel a little included and make the move with kids a little smoother.  A few tips here below are sure to help. 

1. Talk it all out.  Let the kids know what's going on and why.  Create a plan, and set reasonable expectations. Get them interested in the location, if this is a local move, maybe the move is closer to their favorite restaurant or that cool park, you once went to. If it's an out of state move, start to get them familiar with new places or destinations in an around that new area.  Get them excited, but don't go overboard.  

2.  Make a wish list. Let them make a plan of what they would like to have in their new rooms.  Make it a family affair, you can pick a room to create while the kids are getting inspired about their own new spaces. 

3. Again, include them in. Involve the kids in the house hunt,(within reason), let them visit and explore their new space, talk to your Realtor, about selecting a few houses that are not occupied that the kids can visit without disturbing the current owner's ( or tenants if leasing) belongings. 

4. This is one, I have found  has been the most valuable, stick to their current routine as best as you can. Dinner times, bath times and definitely bed times, keeping this sense of routine will maintain a sense of normalcy within the upheaval of the move. 

5. Lastly, this one is for you, more than the kids. Ask for help. It's ok. Recruit a cleaning service, to help with clean up duties. Invite friends over for a "de-clutter  party".  Everyone can do a little something, and the kids will feel empowered to have control over something. 

I hope armed with these few tips your next move be a little less stressful, and make for a better experience for you and your entire family. 

Your Welcome Home Realtor,


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