Who To Hire When Both Your Friends Are Agents

Dated: November 3 2016

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What is it about real estate that we agents feel that our friends have to do business with us and that our friends -some of them - feel bad if they hire another agent?  Who knows! See, my husband is a hairdresser and he doesn't get hurt when his best friend shows up with a new hairdo and color. On the other hand, I have to confess that I got my feelings hurt numerous times when a friend of mine hired someone other than me to help them buy/sell real estate. I you are thinking this is about me (you are right it is) and that I should see a counselor (you are tight I should) let me tell you that I am not alone... this seems to be a pretty common "phenomenon". 

It doesn't really matter how long agents have been in the business. I remember getting that "achy" feeling when I learned that a previous co-worker had hired someone other than me to help them buy their first home. When this happened, I had been in real estate for less than 6 months and even though rationally I knew that I was not their best option; emotionally I felt betrayed. See, I thought that trust was more important than experience and knowledge, and as a result I felt my ex co-worker did not trust me.  

Confession time: I still get that achy feeling when I learn that a friend did not hire me to do what I love doing and I am so good at. I go through all possible scenarios one can possibly go trying to make sense of it. At some point I realize I have better things to focus my energy on and I let it go. 

This month something really cool happened. One of my best friends shared with me how much she was struggling because the agent who had helped them buy their current home, is really good friends with her husband and her husband wanted to hire him. My friend wanted to hire him and at the same time wanted me to be the one helping them sell. She felt totally torn. Before I said anything she said: "I know what you are going to tell me. You are going to tell me that you have enough business right now and that you are fine if we go with Mark. My friend knows me well. That was exactly what I was going to tell her. But she didn't let me. As we both processed what was happening I suggested that her other friend and I could co-list the property and that if we did she and her husband would both be happy.  My friend told me what a relief that was to her and thanked me. Confession time: I felt the relief also. My dear friend was able to bring this up and I was able to offer a solution. Long story short: Mark, the other agent, and I will be listing our friends property as co-agents. 

So who should you hire when both your friends are agents and you both believe they are equally equipped to do the job?)I'd say, hire both! Both agents can list your property and / or represent you in the purchase side. A win-win for sure: you both get to have the knowledge and experience of two agents (for the price of one) and the agents get to share a piece of the pie and feel loved and trusted by their friends. 

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Marcela Alfonsin, Realtor since 2008. 

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