Who Let The Chickens Out

Dated: May 1 2017

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                                                      The chickens have come to Roost in Austin!


Image title

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     Recently I learned that the city of Austin will pay you to keep a chicken coop in your backyard and give you classes on how to keep and take care of them. As I was searching for more information, and later talking to a neighbor that is getting a coop, I saw that there were all kinds of stylish chicken coops available, so I decided to tell everyone about the program, and as a Realtor I couldn't help but show you all the different styles of chicken coops available. 

     This program is part of the Austin Resource Recovery's Home Composting Rebate Program. If you live in Austin you can attend one of five "chicken keeping classes." You then submit a rebate application online and receive $75 check from the City of Austin. 

     The idea is to promote a way for Austin city dwellers reach a Zero Waste goal and keep food waste out of the landfill.

      According to an email sent from the city "Chickens will recycle your food scraps while giving you fresh eggs and creating healthy soil."

     Before you run out to take the class (which by the way classes are full, but more are planned), here are some tips from a video (link to the video is below) from the city of Austin.


    1. Don't put the coop near your neighbor's house, or near an open window

    2. Make sure your chickens are protected from other animals and your pets! No matter how cute they are your dogs and cats and other animals are natural predators so keep them away and protect your chickens.

    3. Chickens are social animals so keep at least 4 or 5 at a time. 

    4. Budget for ample food and water. 

Taking good care of your chickens will provide you with some fresh eggs! 

 Below are some Coops for Keeping your chickens in Style

The Teepee CoopImage title

 The little Red Barn coopImage titleCoops resembling lodging
Image titleAnthropologie inspired coop
Image titleThe Trailer Coop
Image title

The duplex coopImage title
The Better homes and gardens version

     Image titleThe Amish coop
Image titleThe UrbanImage title

The HobbitImage title

  Click here to watch the video on sound advice for keeping your Chicken coop

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