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Dated: September 23 2016

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What Does It Smell Like? Your Senses Affect the Way You Purchase

In real estate, we are taught that the smell of a house can seriously affect its prospects. Who would be eager to buy a house that smells like smoke, cats, or sewage? Would you be likely to buy a home that smelled like mold? A lot of people would not. Most would likely have serious doubts about a house that smelled like mold.

Smell is such an important sense. On many different occasions I have been brought back to a prior moment of my life, or a past experience, through a particular smell or scent. Odor helps create an impression and atmosphere, and can bring you back to that place or person.

I read an article in The Austin Business Journal that explained the level of importance smell and sound have. Mood Media Corp. is a company that  works with its clients to create “comfortable environments that are conducive to spending”. They do this through scents, playlists, etc. It’s really amazing to me how far businesses go to get their costumers to spend more: lights, sound, scent, layout, purchase! These strategies must be producing real benefits or they would have ceased by now. In real estate, we regularly see that smell and impression really do effect what and when people buy.

It seems to me that this type of impression strategizing occurs in every aspect of our lives. Why are some movies more interesting and impacting than others? Why are some songs more attuned to our souls than others? Why do we get up each morning and face the world the way we do, In the clothes we do, with the scent we do? Each person has specific ideas, impressions, images that they are more attracted to than others. As Ken Eissing, president of In-Store Media at Mood Media Corp, said: “What’s most important is really understanding who you are as a brand and what it is you want to convey.” I think this image is what we, the consumer, identify with and what causes us to feel more inclined to purchase or invest.

So, as a consumer, what can I do to make sure I don’t purchase more than I need or should, just because I felt inspired by the atmosphere around me? I think we should ask ourselves: do I really need this? DO I already have something similar that can fill its function? Is this an idea I will never finish? Do I have other pending projects or needs that are more important? Will this really make my life better? Is this going to create more work, debt, issues, etc. or really benefit my life? Is this supporting a negative cycle in my life?

We need to learn to be more honest with ourselves, and not fly away with the scent in the air, or the lighting all around us.

The same is true for a home. That home might not be so bad, or it might be worse than it smells like. Face the facts as they are, then decide based on that. But, don’t forget, it can take a long time to change the smell and atmosphere of a home.

If you know someone who is looking to buy or would like to sell, I can help you get that done in the most efficient way.

Give me a call at 512-497-3643.

- Donna Bovee

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