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Dated: January 30 2017

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Nice to meet you

I'll start, my name is BriTina Lymous-Cooper, I moved to Austin about 8 years ago, I instantly fell in love with it's unique landscape, from the Hill Country to the Music, Arts and Culture. Besides that, what history buff, doesn't love the Capital?  Now, I will forever be a Louisiana girl at heart and the proud daughter of an Air Force veteran, two elements which I think give me a great sense as to what home is. Being from the South, we are eager to make everyone comfortable,whether it's in our greeting, (I make it a point to acknowledge everyone in a room and I'm a hugger), an invitation to your home (where I'll never show up empty-handed), or an invitation to mine (where you will never leave hungry or empty-handed), as a military kid, we moved ALOT, and I experienced the absences of my Dad due to duty leaves. My my parents later divorced, so home turned into two completely disconnected places that I seemed to not quite fit in either one. The result?  I'm an efficient packer,(both for trips and moves), the trick, think "essentials first". 

The idea of home means many things, to each person even, within the same family group. Home can be an escape, an oasis, a huge showplace for everyone to gather, or a cozy space that brings just the two of you together, home can be that familiar element that doesn't make it feel like a new strange place. I think the key is remembering that everyone needs a little something different from the space to make it "work". 

I consider my work in Real Estate, to be as much of a service to your family as I do mine. I aspire to provide the most up to date information, top quality services, and a personal experience that will address all of your questions and concerns at every turn. When I am not aspiring to be the best Real Estate professional I can be for my clients, you can find me, exploring thrift stores, for my next DIY project, the goal is to post the successes, and maybe even the failures, (that's only fair,right?) ,raising my daughters, or experimenting with a new recipe or restaurant. I will never proclaim to be an expert in the market or on any subject. The realm of real estate is much too vast and ever changing for that. I believe their is great character in having an appetite to learn continually and be willing to to say,"I don't know, but I will find that out", and then using all of the resources available to me, to uncover answers and options to help you make the best decision for you and your family. I am not a buyers expert, or seller specialist, I guess if I had to say I had a speciality, I would say I specialize in you,my client and helping you decide what home is to you. 

When a move, turns from being  a part of your future plan, to being your current reality, I hope you'll think of me. In the meantime, feel free to click the link here, goo.gl/ZDql5Q to explore some of the neighborhoods that Austin, has to offer, and when you see me out and about town, stop and say "Hi", I'd love to get to know you better too.

Until next time,


BriTina Lymous-Cooper REALTOR, Team Price Real Estate
 | 512.762.4903 | 7320 N. Mopac Ste. 305 Austin,TX 78731 | britina@teamprice.com | www.britina.buyinginaustin.com 



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