Uber Is Back

Dated: August 30 2016

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UBER! We Thought They Were Gone

For all you hitchhikers, bike riders, and bribers:

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If you think back a little, you may remember a vote about background checks, that caused Uber to stop operating in Austin. Personally, I prefer to know that proper background checks are run; but I liked the idea of having Uber in Austin, and was sad to see them go. So, if Austin is supposed to be Uber free, why are they still here?

I was driving in south Austin by the Airport, Metropolis Drive, and spotted a new, high-tech, Uber company car at a local business parking lot.  The Austin Business Journal has an article on Uber's return. Apparently, they are in Austin mapping the streets, and I can confirm they really are out there.

Uber may be back sooner than we think. Let’s be honest, Austin does not have good public transport, not good enough for a major city. With Austin’s continual growth, we are going to need more transportation options. I heard an important business man (a couple months back) talk about the serious issue of Austin’s lack of public transport. For Uber to invest that much into an off-limits area, they must see big potential in Austin, even after the vote. After all, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities!

There is talk of Uber having the aspiration to eventually create “self-driving cars”. Not my favorite idea. I guess, since the drivers have to go through screening (an extra cost), they would like to just remove the driver all together. I liked Uber because it created flexible employment for people, while filling a public need. Even though they needed to beef up their security measures, it still had great potential. Without human drivers, I am skeptical about Uber’s benefits in Austin. There are plenty of future transport possibilities, and I am not so convinced with an Uber that does not create that flexible and desirable type of employment, while aiding the transport issue.

Get ready, they may be back very shortly.

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