Types Of Fencing For Horse Farms

Dated: March 1 2017

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     There are many things to think about when you buy a farm property. If you have animals, particularly horses, you must contain them on the property to keep them safe. Fencing is essential and here are some options, keeping in mind that keeping your horse safe is of most importance.      

                                                                 Wood Fencing- This type of fencing shown in the picture below has good visibility and strength. It's not the cheapest to install and horses can do damage to it by biting and kicking etc... Also needs maintenance as far as repair, splintering and painting to keep it clean. 

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                                                              PVC Fencing- This was my choice when I had my horse property. PVC (below) fencing is super attractive and not cheap. It can fall apart if horses run into it but easily placed back together. An electric wire can be run across the top so the horses won't lean into it. PVC fencing can get some mold from rain but it can be removed by pressure washing.

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                                                            V-mesh wire fencing-  (below) This fencing works best with a wooden board on top, for visibility and safety. It's inexpensive and good at keeping horses in and other animals out. Because it's so hard to see it needs to have the wooden board running on the top, or electric wire so the horses don't lean on it. This is a good wire fence because it will not hurt horses like barbed wire will. Smooth wire is the best way to keep horses from injury. The openings on this fencing should only be no larger than 3 inches square. This would avoid them sticking their foot through it and getting hurt. 

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                                                        Electric fencing-This type of fencing uses electrical rope/braided wire keep the horses from leaning on it. You can use the electric wire atop of any other fence or by itself. Below is an electrical fence. This fence is inexpensive and effective.

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                                                             HDPE Fencing-  Made from High-density Polyethylene is easy to clean and stain resistant. It has no arsenic, heavy metal and will not splinter. Other HDPE features are:

  • Impact resistant – will not crack on impact or shatter from horse kick pressure

  • Can be created to match your existing structures or fence

  • UV stabilizers are continuous throughout the profile 

  • Comes in a variety of colors 

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                                                           Recycled Fencing- Windriver fencing has a Blue Bag Black Fence. It is made out of recycled black plastic bags.This black fence is made from your recycled plastic shopping bags. It is made from 100% recycled product (shopping bags of all colors) and meets the highest industry standards. It has a 20-year guarantee. 

Recycled Fence

   The height of the fence and ground clearance are important. Fencing for horses should be 4 1/2 to 5 ft in height and there should be 6 to 8 inches of space from the bottom in case you have foals, they can't slide through.  


  When you have horses on your property you want to make sure they are safe at all times. These are some fencing options to think about when fencing your property on the perimeter and when separating Acreage into paddocks. You want to make sure horses don't lean into fencing and break it and you want to make sure they can't run their feet through the fencing and get stuck. Keep that in mind that good fencing will always add value to your property.                                                       

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