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Dated: November 1 2016

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We’ve all been there: totally butchering the name of a dish at a restaurant when the waiter takes your order. There’s a chance you could encounter a moment like that at Godavari, which serves South Indian cuisine, but don’t let that scare you away from their mouthwatering menu!

Two clients of mine who are from India invited me to lunch there about a month ago and I was utterly impressed by how flavorful the meal was. It was served buffet-style, and I tried about a dozen of different dishes that left me wanting more.

So when my friends from Dallas (who are world travelers) were visiting this past weekend, I wanted to give them a memorable taste of Austin. With so many options, Godavari stood out as a unique choice.

We arrived Friday evening about 7pm, and to my surprise, there was plenty of room. The restaurant has only been open a few months but I expect it will become many local residents' favorite in no time.                                                               



Chips and salsa

                                                                                                                                                                                            Chips and salsa was served first, and no, not the chips and salsa we are all used to. The chips were made with chickpea flour a distinct pepper flavor, and the sauces, tamarind and mint chutney, complemented them well.


We then ordered appetizers, with samosas to start. The crispy triangle-shaped pastries were delectably filled with potatoes, peas, cumin and spices, served with the same chutneys as the chips.

Cauliflower fritters

Next came the Gobi 65, cauliflower fritters fried in a spicy batter. If you have not enjoyed cauliflower in the past, these will change your mind! They were the perfect amount of crunchiness in a mysterious spicy sauce.

Veggie medley

We rounded up the appetizers with Veg Pakoda, a medley of mixed vegetables dipped in chickpea and rice flour batter and then fried. These were delicious all on their own, no sauce needed.

As for main courses, first up was Prawns 65, their special shrimp recipe consisting of marinated shrimp sautéed with spices and deep-fried. These were good, but did not quite measure up to the appetizers.

The next dish was Achari Lamb Josh, lamb cooked in light gravy and onion sauce with steamed white rice. The lamb in the gravy was flavorful and just spicy enough. I took only one bite to try it, since I prefer to eat mostly a plant-based diet, but my friends gushed about its tenderness and flavor.

Lastly, we got to enjoy the Palak Paneer, a homemade cheese cooked with fresh spinach, spices and cream. This dish, together with the samosas, was my favorite.  The orange color of the sauce was intriguingly appetizing, the chunks of cheese melted in my mouth, and the sauce itself was savory and very satisfying.


Best Palak Paneer I have ever had!

Naan bread was served with the main dishes and it was delectable. Sprinkled lightly with rosemary and other spices, it was fresh, soft, and the perfect companion to the sauces and gravy.

The complete experience was excellent and I will definitely go back. There are so many more dishes in Godavari's extensive menu to taste!

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