The Winning Side Of Losing

Dated: August 9 2016

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I have to admit it. Sometimes I want it all and when that doesn't happen I get disappointed. Human nature? No, it's called "sense of entitlement". 

This past October, I went to Machu Picchu's ruins in Peru. I had dreamt of visiting the ruins since I was in my early twenties. I don't remember what prompted my desire to go there but something did and the trip to this magical place became my dream. Machu Picchu was in every vision board I created. Every time I saw a picture of the ruins I got teary-eyed. I felt I had to go there. One day, one of my friends told me that she and her husband were planning a retreat to Peru and I signed up that very night. My dream had become a reality. 

Exactly two months before the departure day, I broke my right ankle. After I fell to the ground and heard the loud noise my ankle made, my first thought was "Oh no, Peru!". I was fortunate that my fracture did not need surgery. On the other hand, this meant a longer recovery time. So when the doctor told me "You will be able to put weight on it in two months" I cried a good amount of happy tears. I could go to Peru and that was all it mattered at that time.

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I was so excited about this trip that I told everyone I knew. I also posted pictures on Facebook so that my friends would vicariously join me. 

When I came back from this amazing, one-in-a-lifetime-trip, I learned that clients of mine had put their property for sale with another Realtor. I was shocked. These were clients that had written an amazing review on Zillow stating that they would recommend me to anyone they knew. I didn't know what to think or what to make of it so I decided to called my clients and find out. 

I learned that my clients immediately thought of calling me to help them sell their property but when they realized (through Facebook) that I was in Peru, they decided to hire another Realtor. "We would have never made you work while you were on vacation" she told me. I told my clients I wish I had told them that I have a team of great agents backing me up when I take time off. I remember how I regretted sharing my trip on Facebook and thinking that I would never do that again. "If I hadn't I would have had about $6,500 in my bank account" I thought at the time. I felt I had made I mistake and I decided I would never make that mistake again. I know, never say never...

I recently took a few days off to celebrate my big 50th-birthday and decided that I would not tell anyone that I was going away. I thought it would be "too costly" to do that so I decided to "fly under the radar". Things rapidly changed when I was at the beach having the time of my life and realized that such priceless time couldn't be replaced by one more transaction or more money in my bank account. So when my husband took pictures of me playing with the waves, I felt the need to share that moment with my friends, and I did. After all, money comes and goes while experiences like playing with the waves will stay with me for the rest of my life.  

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