The Upper Eastside In Austin

Dated: 05/08/2016

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The Upper Eastside

What is the Upper Eastside? 

Where is this mysterious Upper Eastside? 

Let me....mmm.... let you in on a little is not just in New York. 

Here in the humble abode we call Austin,Texas or ATX we have our own version of the "Upper Eastside."

What is it? 

It is a small slice of Austin that is located in the northeastern portion of town. Some people might just think of it as East Austin as it is on the Eastern side of Interstate 35 which everyone knows today delineates central Austin from the "Eastside." 

Where exactly am I talking about? Where in our in our little concrete jungle that has been carved out of central Texas that we call Austin is this mysterious "Upper Eastside?"

While there may be a slight debate about where the boundary line is located I will give you the skinny! 

The "Upper Eastside" is located between I-35 to the west, 290 to the north, 183 / Ed Bluestein to the East and 51rst street to the south. 

It is a little pocket of Austin that has its own unique flavor and feel. It has been a place where Austin has been keeping it weird and has kept it authentic at the same time. If you ever drive through you will notice that it has kept a bit of the old Austin charm as it has been changing rapidly over the past decade.

Yeah sure there may be a business that has closed their doors or a little bit of seediness to the area but that is also what gives it a little bit of its rebel grit. It was a high class suburb that with time has evolved into its own ecosystem of independent weirdness that has been slowly morphing into a mix of all types living in the little pocket of town.

The neighborhoods that at one time would have been considered cheaper or more affordable at one time have gained a tremendous amount in their value as real estate prices have soared in Austin.

Yet even as the neighborhoods or houses have been remodeled or been given single family face lifts aka (house flips) they still have kept an old Austin vibe.

The area has several locations to score a taco or some other form of nourishment. It also has thrift stores and a lot of other standard shopping locations. It also boasts a coffee shop and a local bar or two as well.

It is a great area to live and be located in the city with ease of access to all points of the city.

You might hear it said that the area extends a bit further north crossing beyond 290 going on up to a northern border of 183 but that area is really called "East Saint John." Is it included? I am not sure but it could be debated.

Now some might say that the "Upper Eastside" is more of an attitude than a specific location. To that I would say that it is probably more of a location with attitude. A good a attitude at that!


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