The Spring Spruce Up

Dated: March 30 2017

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My goal as your Real Estate professional is to help you love where you live. That is whether you are buying your first home, selling an existing home to buy another, (downsizing or up-sizing), or leasing a home or an apartment. Sometimes loving where you live can be just an update to your existing space. That’s exactly what I did this past Spring Break. My goal is for the family to spend more time enjoying outside. So, in addition to the usual clean up, I came up with a few projects that could help make that happen, and decided to share a few with you along the way! Some projects I completed this week. As for others, I will have to update you guys as my progress unfolds. I have 3 major goals (every good plan starts with a goal): to brighten up or update our front entrance (I feel a new door coming), re-imagine the back yard space, and bring a little bit of the outdoors into the house. Along the way, I plan to create a few cool projects with and for the kid. Oh yeah, and of course my goal is always, to not break the bank.

Starting with the front porch, a clean up, it was just crying for a little TLC after the cold winter, (I admit it, I’m just not out sweeping the porch weekly when it’s cold out), a deep sweep of the porch, and a pressure wash gave me the clean canvas to start off. Take note: *I do not own a pressure washer, I found a hose attachment, at my local hardware store, for about $20. It included an extension for reaching 2nd story windows or for flushing out the gutters (favorite bargain buy of the year so far). In clearing the porch, I realized I had way too many potted plants. A front entrance should welcome and invite, but mine looked as if it were going to swallow you in, like the moors forest in Maleficent. Definitely less is more. As I cleaned the porch, I examined the condition of each pot, and what was supposed to be growing, dumped what wasn’t going to grow, rinsed them all and set them aside to dry. If this is your first time, decorating with greenery, don’t overthink it. (I speak from experience.) Head to your favorite resale store or second hand shop, this project does not need to get expensive, and don’t be afraid to re-imagine your pots either. Hard surfaces, like terra cotta, clay, or ceramic can be repainted or you can have some fun with decoupage for pennies in comparison to buying something new. Grab a bag of potting mix, pick your favorites, herbs in one, flowers in the other, and pick a few to create balance. Some of my favorites are lavender, rosemary, jasmine,I love the mix of floral and spice. I can just imagine myself sitting on the porch, with a morning cup of tea or an evening glass of wine.  My daughter also wanted to welcome Spring with a gift: a bird feeder. As a treat I said “Yes”, as she was a huge help with potting the new plants, so I gave in. The final touch, a new “Welcome Mat”, and there you have it.  A refreshed new front entrance! I hope this gives you a few ideas on loving where you live, click this link, ( ),for just listed properties in Austin and surrounding areas if loving where you live means moving.

Your Welcome Home Realtor.


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