The Old Farmers Almanac Celebrating 225 Years Of Sound Advice

Dated: January 18 2017

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   This year the Old Farmer's Almanac is celebrating it's 225th year of publication. I was first introduced to the Almanac by my friends from the Northeast and Midwest who use to bring their horses for the show season in the Winter to our  farm in Wellington, Florida. They were always sure of what kind of  Horse Show Season weather we were going to have from January through April, because according to them, the Farmer's Almanac predictions were always accurate. That was a a long time ago, and the internet was just gaining ground. What is so exciting now is that you can get all this information on the online version and even more on the hard copy. The cover gleams with comforting graphics of American History. Even if you are not a farmer, there is lots of useful everyday advice for anyone. 

 This magazine gives advice on Image title

weather forecasts, Full moons forecasts, tides, Holidays and eclipses and when best to use them to your advantage.

Since this is a Presidential Inaugural year  there is an article on Inaugural Fun Facts. Check it out here.Image title

 For example, in the weather sections of the online version, if you click on weather, it gives you an explanation on how they predict their 80% accurate weather forecast. They say they predict the weather by a formula that tracks  sunspots, which are magnetic storms on the surface of the sun. Click here to learn how founder Robert B. Thomas derived his weather predictions since 1792 and the famous black box.

Image title

The Astronomy section details the phases of the moon. Featured are the best dates according to the moon phases to plant your seeds or plants. To view the "Gardening by the moon for 2017 click here.Image title

The Gardening Section has one of the most unique features which is a link to a garden planner. You click the link and it let's you plan your garden on the computer. This program adapts to your location. To go to the vegetable garden planner click here.Image title

There is even a section the THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE TO FISH! This calender includes the best fishing days of 2017! Visit the Best fishing days of 2017 here.Image title

No Magazine would be as useful if they did not include a Food section. Many recipes here from Indian mac & cheese, a variety of salads, beverages and homemade pancake recipes, yum! Click yum to see these.Image title

The ADVICE column  features sections on House & Home and Pets & Animals. Check out their section for natural pet remedies. Image title

You can order a hard copy for a real treat of American history and some good advice.

Liz Woodall

Equestrian Farm and Ranch and Residential Properties 

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