The Infinite Now

Dated: July 7 2016

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Where do you find yourself?

Some of us live in the past, and yes the past is the experience from which we have arrived. In it we find Knowledge to draw from, we've developed a sense of identity from it, who we are and who we aren't. Our past is even a source of connection. That's the people and businesses we've encountered and established a report.  In this paradigm you'll have a lot of self talk containing would of, should of, could of.  Some of us tend to beat ourselves up about the past even though it's not self serving. A recommendation is to be aware of what proceeds one of the above and remember "We experience that which we aren't so that we can become that which we are" N.D.W.

There are also those of us who live primarily in the Future. These people are dreamers, wishers, hopers and the what if-ers. Because we don't know the Future there also tends to be a lot of F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) surrounding it. "What if I die, I hope it doesn't happen for a long time cause I'm scared it's gonna be painful or I'll go somewhere bad". I also see a lot of projection onto others, by this I mean that we assume that something we might do as an individual in reaction to or because of a certain circumstance, will be done by another with out any other substantiated evidence. Truth be told we don't know the future and it's unfair and unwise to assume we do.

Then we have the Infinite Now, The only thing we truly have and it is our gift to ourselves our ever-changing Present. When we are here in this moment while we can operate from source, staying present is what we came here to do. We have relinquished our omniscience to have these very experiences. Just think, in source, the divine, a God State or what ever else you want to call it, All is known, everything is and we are all one. Yet from this place there is no guessing about what may come, no mystery to be had and no story to be told. So in our infinite wisdom we discarded to temporarily disband and become unique individuals, species, conscious states and in these taken forms we would have linear experiences, moving forward in time with the memory of our past to have learned from and the concept of the future to move toward yet all the while we are always right here, in the Present.  

So I ask,  this  trick we played on our selves, is it a game we're here to win or just state of mind we're here to share? 

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