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Dated: October 21 2016

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Tuscany in Texas!
Texas Gold
There is an olive oil boom in Central Texas! 
     On a recent showing of a 10 acre property this month, looking through the kitchen window I saw this other worldly orchard. As you can see, I took a picture of it wondering  what kind of orchard it was. Later, the owner of the property informed me it was an olive orchard. I have heard of olive ranches near the Austin area but had no idea they were so prevalent in Central Texas.
   The Lone Star State brought home three awards at this year's New York International Olive Oil Competition with the Texas Olive Oil Company & Bella Vista Ranch, and Texas Hill Country Olive Company (the only organic olive farm in the state) the big winners.
     According to Jim Henry, Co founder of the Texas olive oil Council, (yes, can you believe we have council on olive oil?) "we finally figured out where to put the trees. The secret to good production is to have a temperature during the blooming process and fruit set that is not too volatile."  Varieties of olive trees  produce fruit as early as 3 years, to producing fruit between 5 and 12 years after germination.
      Here are some places you can visit in the Austin area where you can sample the olive oil collected from the orchards. Tuscany has arrived. Here are the closest ones to Austin. 
     The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is in Dripping Springs. Spend the afternoon in the cafe sampling fine olive oil with breads and salads.
     The Bella Vista Ranch / First Texas Olive Oil Co is in Wimberly. The olive trees at Bella Vista Ranch were planted in 1998. The retail store opened on the ranch in the year 2000, and opened the "frantoio" (olive pressing facility) in year 2001.      The Central Texas olive Ranch is in Granger/Georgetown area. Central Texas Olive Ranch is an operation that provide olives and olive oil to Central Texas and surrounding areas. They are currently the second largest super-high density olive orchard in the state of Texas, with 23,000 planted olive trees.   As for the olive orchard in the picture, it is privately owned and the trees have  a few more years before harvest. 

Texas Olive Ranch olive oil is sold at HEB stores. Arbequina variety is from trees that take 3 years to harvest. 

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