Special Comments Cards At Counter Culture

Dated: October 5 2017

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Special Comment Cards at Counter Culture

I’m always on the hunt for delicious new vegan food in Austin, since I’m a self-proclaimed foodie on a mostly plant-based diet. But there are also places that I love going back to, and Counter Culture is one of them.

I went a few weeks ago with my daughter and had yet another of their fabulous meals. Located on East Cesar Chavez, the outside of Counter Culture is not flashy and blends in with the surrounding area. This is in the heart of Austin, so homes are very popular—check out these Just Listed properties!

Inside the restaurant, there are bright turquoise walls decorated with art from local artists. Several of the largest prints were animals in black and white drawn with truly amazing detail. We were settled in towards the front of the restaurant, underneath a print of several antelope drinking water, and started off with the spicy baked artichoke dip. The base artichoke flavor was great. But even though the menu says “a touch of jalapeño,” it was very hot! Our waiter did say the spiciness of the dip can vary, so it just depends on how much jalapeño the kitchen used that day. 

For our meals, I ordered the BBQ Jackfruit & Bean Quesadilla, and my daughter picked the Lentil Loaf. I asked for gluten free tortillas and was surprised when our waiter told us they didn’t have any, and that the corn tortillas were not large enough to make the dish. I decided I wanted to try it anyway and would just eat the inside of the quesadilla, and I am actually very glad I made that decision because it was absolutely delicious. The texture of the jackfruit, which I had never heard tried before, was similar to meat (yes, I used to eat meat). It was also like tofu in that it absorbed the flavor of the savory BBQ sauce. I had eaten the lentil loaf before so I know that it is also flavorful and satisfying. My daughter agreed, and added that it recreates the “homey” feel of traditional meatloaf.

Lentil loaf

Jackfruit quesadillas

As the waiter cleared our plates, I started talking to him about my jackfruit quesadillas. I told him they were super yummy and it was too bad the inside mix didn’t come as its own dish, like in a bowl or an open sandwich with gluten-free bread. He agreed that it could work as a separate plate, and that I could leave the kitchen a comment card. I got very excited about sharing my idea and completely filled out the comment card, front and back!

After I handed over my comment card, we had a look at the dessert options. I was too full for dessert, but my daughter decided she wanted the “donut holes” which are made with dates, almonds, coconut and dried pineapple. She said they definitely did not taste anything like non-vegan donut holes but were yummy as a sort of energy snack, like a fruit-and-nut bar but sweeter.

I definitely hope next time I go to Counter Culture they will have a new BBQ Jackfruit Bowl or BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich on the menu, but if not, I will still order the quesadilla and eat the filling!

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