Slay The Monster In Your Next Move

Dated: May 10 2018

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It’s that time of the year.  Millions of families are in the process of preparing to relocate to a new home, new community, and new schools.  You may be one of them.  This means that you will not only be packing your bags, but you will also be packing up your relational ties to neighbors, friends and maybe even family.  This can be rough.  While it’s easy to see the practical side of the move it can oftentimes be difficult to know where to pack and process the emotions. For children and adults alike, the disconnection, disruption, and displacement can result in a sense of a loss of cohesion, securityand belonging.  This can make the “new and the unknown” seem like a ginormous monster in a deep dark hole rather than an exciting new place in life.  For children, teens and many adults this can result in a change in sleep patterns including restlessness, nightmares, bedwetting, anxiousness, loss of appetite, irritability, among other things.  Your move can have a profound aeffect upon the well-being of all of the members of your household.  However, you can get an upper hand on this monster by taking the time to consider a few simple tips. 

1.  Communicate: Hold a family “moving meeting” or have a simple conversation with your family members.  This can go a long way to easing fears and uncertainty. 

  • Have children sit on the lap or near to the parent for a sense of security and comfort.

  • Build enthusiasm and connection by showing them pictures of the new home and community.

2.   Simplify:  Eliminate all that you can or should through garage sales, donations, recycling and trash.

  • Keep your children’s favorite toy, security blanket, special keepsakes, and favorite clothing on   hand.  These will help maintain cohesion and security during and after the move.

3.  Organize:  Do what works for you while keeping in mind that you want to slay the monster.

  • Packing lists are useful and may even be required when moving overseas.  

  • Mark everything clearly this will help you in step 5

  • Reserve a “box free zone” for normal living during the process and/or assign a specific place or room to move the boxes into once they are marked and sealed.

  4.  Closure: Take action to facilitate closure.

  •  Host a moving party or other activity early on to begin the goodbye process.  

  •  Exchange social media contacts such as email addresses and phone numbers.

  5.   Connect: Settle in ASAP. Make new memories and explore the new lifestyle and routines.

  • Walk or drive around your new community, visit businesses, churches, and other community interests.

  • Host your own “get to know you” party with the new neighbors, classmates, and others.

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If you know someone who is planning a move to the greater Austin area, give me a call.  I would love to help them find a wonderful new home and community.  

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