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Dated: February 14 2019

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Pizza is one of those foods that I try to avoid, not only because it's unhealthy, but usually it's just bad. Either the crust is too thick, the sauce it's too sweet, or it doesn't have enough cheese, or.... I could go on and on. So when my dear friend asked me to go with her to try some at MOD, I was a bit reluctant at first, but she convinced me that it was actually healthy and delicious so I agreed to give it a try.

Entering the restaurant you feel the relaxed atmosphere and the delicious aroma of the crusts in the ovens. The hosts behind the counter were pleasant and willing to answer all my questions. I asked for a gluten-free option (which they had), and although I don't have an allergy, I prefer gluten-free items to avoid bloating.

They have a very generous selection of toppings and I wish I had taken a picture of those. Not only there are a lot of options, but they  charge you a flat fee for the pizza size you choose and you can have as many toppings as you like. I may have gone a little overboard, but I think my pizza turned out perfect!

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I started with a light sauce and added spinach, garlic, squash, red onion, pineapple (must have), mushrooms, tomatoes, and jalapeños, and when I asked for vegan cheese I was pleasantly surprised that they had some. I may have forgotten what other toppings I added, but there were many more choices such as broccoli, different types of peppers, all the typical pizza topping meats, dairy cheeses, and more.

I purposely selected a large size, an 11-inch pizza, so I could take some home. It was cut into six large slices and I ate three and took the rest with me, thinking I’d eat the rest the next day. I was running a ton of errands, though, so I ate one more slice while sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store, and even cold, it was delicious! I enjoyed the remainder two slices the following day for breakfast, which, isn't that what left over pizza is for? At least this one was healthy.

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The location I went to is in Kyle, Texas. This small town continues to grow and the quality of eateries reflects this growth, but they have several other locations in the Austin area and I will surely visit a different one in the near future.

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