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YES, Austin home inventory is on the rise, AND homes are taking a little longer to sell….BUT prices are still increasing!  With inventory at about 3 months overall for the greater Austin area, we are STILL in a SELLER’s market! 

Here are some of the key things I know from the homes that I have listed and SOLD successfully that will help position  you  for the same success.  Keep in mind that not many people really ‘live’ in a home the way we stage or prepare a home for sale…so don’t be offended at the recommendations:

  •  START OFF WITH THE RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSION:  You never get a second chance at a first impression!  Make sure the lawn and yard are in good shape!  When buyers’ drive up they should see a well -manicured lawn.  Put new mulch in the flower beds, make sure the lawn is mowed, pull the weeds, hide Junior’s bike and coil the water hose out of sight. Make your yard welcoming and safe to approach.  It is definitely worth investing in some inexpensive shrubs if needed.  You can even put some flowering plants in pots by the front door to brighten the space. (If they are in pots you can move them to your next home.) I read somewhere that the color yellow invokes buying… who knows if it is scientifically true, but easy, inexpensive enough to plant some by the front door to add a little cheer!  You can also do minimally expensive upgrades and repairs like neutral paint, upgraded kitchen faucet or even just cleaning the curtains and making sure all the light bulbs are working.  Speaking of... leave lights on and blinds open when there is a showing!  And toilet seats down! :-)  I am currently running a special for all new listings thru the end of September 2016...list your home for sale with me and get a FREE 2 hour professional home staging consultation. I like to call this a a 'fluff and buff'! :-)

  • MINIMIZE THINGS IN YOUR CLOSETS:  Minimizing things in your closets helps give the impression of plenty of storage. I have never met a buyer that says there is TOO MUCH storage in a home.  And believe me, buyers snoop around.  They will look in every drawer and cabinet.  So, when preparing your home for sale, take out half of everything in the closets and drawers, organize what is left and then take out half again!  When cleaning out, the most efficient approach is to make a pile of things to give away (Goodwill, Friends of the Family, your church, etc.), a pile to throw away and a pile to store somewhere off site.   Also, if you have bins or crates of items, make sure you neatly label them.  This gives the buyer an impression that the seller has taken meticulous care of things in the home. 

  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT:   Yes, at Team Price Real Estate, we highly recommend pricing the home RIGHT.   Overpricing is the kiss of death for the sale of a home.  Most sellers will find they actually end of selling for less than they would have originally if they overprice from the very beginning.  You also don’t want to wonder if you could have made more money if you under-price your listing!    The right agent will help determine the best pricing strategy for your home depending on the market comparable homes, your goals and your timing. Listen to the facts of recent sold prices, not what the ‘talk’ at the neighborhood pool says the Johnson’s house sold for!  I can help you understand this information!  Call me (Erin Dunnigan) at 512-919-0653 for a market analysis of your area!

  • DEPERSONALIZE YOUR HOUSE:  Yep, you have to take the ‘home’ out of your house. Take down Great Aunt Ethel’s picture from the stairwell.  Remove the kids’ soccer portraits from the last 6 years.  Store your collection of Beanie Babies.  The idea is to get remove YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS so the buyer can picture THEIR PERSONAL BELONGINGS in the space.  Buyers need to be able to visualize living in a space and it is really hard to do so with too much of the Sellers’ personal memorabilia.

  • PUT THE PETS AWAY:  I love animals, but not everyone else shares that fondness.  If you can remove the kitty, dog or iguana during showings it makes for a much better showing of your home, and it protects your pet!  No buyer wants to listen to a crated dog bark or smell the cat’s litter box while they are trying to think through one of the biggest purchases of their life.  If the animals are out of the home it also helps keep the home clean and tidy for showings…and helps the pet from potentially getting out/lost during a showing.

I would love to make add you to my list of happy and extremely satisfied home sellers!  Feel free to email me at .  AND REMEMBER MY OFFER OF A FREE 2 HOUR PROFESSIONAL HOME STAGING CONSULTATION if you list your home with me before the end of September 2016!

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