Pouring Ban In Austin

Dated: April 8 2016

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Concrete, that is! 

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I enjoy perusing through the Austin Business Journal because I seem to always get a good chuckle if not an outright LOL. 

So here's the situation: Approximately 150 people per day are moving into  Austin. The TxDOT 100 Congested Roadways project states that the section of I-35 near downtown Austin was named the No. 1 most congested roadway in Texas. 

In the ABJ Pouring Ban article, the Austin City Council has extended a ban on pouring concrete after 2 AM. Originally passed in November 2014 for a 60 days, this 'temporary' ban is now stretching into 17 months.  Problem? All of those concrete trucks have to squeeze their pouring into the hot Texas days, resulting in increased downtown traffic. 

Well, at least residents can get a better night's rest, NOT! Music venues continue to play, at very high noise limits, into the wee wee hours. 

So, doing the math, downtown Austin residents are in a bit of a quandary: Increase in Austin population = slowdown in traffic. Ban on nighttime pouring = greater slowdown in traffic. Noise relief for downtown residents, ah! Negligible. 

Good news! The Ice industry is doing really well. The warmer it is outside, the quicker the concrete sets, so construction projects are spending $$$$ on ice to keep the concrete from setting too quickly. 

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