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Dated: May 9 2016

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Per the Austin Business Journal:  Mayor Steve Adler's office said Monday that city officials are working a number of options to fill the gap left after Uber and Lyft suspended operations within Austin's city limits in protest Prop 1.    While Adler has extended an offer to sit down with Uber and Lyft officials to negotiate a compromise that might see them return to the city, the mayor’s office declined to comment when asked if there has been any contact since Saturday when voters defeated Prop. 1.

The companies are still operating in the suburbs around Austin, but are not picking up fares inside the Austin city limits.   

Here are the 7 things Mayor Adler is doing to help fill the gap It includes initiatives to launch a locally owned, nonprofit transportation network company, and efforts to implement the city’s Thumbs Up program, which gives an identification badge to drivers who pass a fingerprint-based criminal background check.

  1. We remain open to talking with Lyft and Uber whether they are operating in Austin or not;

  2. We are working to help TNCs that operate in Austin to be successful. There is going to be greater demand than service for a period of time. We ask the community to show some patience;

  3. We are exploring a local nonprofit TNC with Austin entrepreneurs;

  4. We are working toward creating the pool of fingerprinted drivers (with the support of the city or through a third party such as Thumb’s Up);

  5. We are working with Cap Metro and others to find solutions for seniors, people with disabilities, and other members of the community in need;

  6. We are working to develop ground transportation regulations that do not pick winners and losers; and

  7. We are working toward expanding the full range of transportation options.

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