My Life Today

Dated: July 28 2016

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Have you ever noticed your life just passing before your eyes while you appear to be standing still? Or how about when something in particular continues to repeat itself, like you keep dating the same type people and not getting what you're looking for out of it. Well, this is the way I feel today and my intention is to effectively bring about change through writing it down and constant conscious effort. 

I see myself as Healthy and Happy yet it still feels like something is missing. What is the question to the answer that eludes me. There is so much love and abundance in this world and so many things to be thankful for so why this seemingly insatiable desire for something else or more of what I already have. Where is contentment found for all that is and is there a guide book that takes us on this perfect path to its attainment? 

The Struggle is Real !

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