My Flights Experiences Odd Or Scary

Dated: April 21 2016

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Welcome All,

We've all had our share of airline/flight experiences that stood out. As I was recently taking a trip (flight) I started thinking about some of my odd and sometimes scary experiences. I'll be as brief as possible while conveying the jest of the flight. This may have to be a series of blog posts so check back for more stories of these flights.

Flight: Houston TX to Nassau Bahamas:

This flight was as smooth as silk with beautiful skies and smooth sailing. My wife and I were meeting another couple for our "first" out of US trip. Yes I know that's not all that far "out" of the US but hey this is the first for us. Our vacations usually are boring trips to see family or go camping.

 As we started our decent toward the Nassau airport the excitement was building for everyone on board, especially us! We were seated on the right side of the plane and looking with amazement at the clear blue waters of the Atlantic. Suddenly our plane bank hard to the left. So hard that in a moment I was able to look across the entire plane out the windows on the left side of the plane almost directly down into the same clear blue waters. We were so naïve that we thought that we were just getting  a bonus view from the flight crew. The plane quickly leveled out adjust the decent path a bit and we landed safely. As we were going through customs and into the airport terminal people that were in the terminal came over to us and asked if everyone was OK on the flight. Everyone was so we asked why they were asking. This is the scary part! They said another plane was taking off on the same runway we were about to land on and we barely missed a mid air collision with that plane. Apparently both plane banked HARD in opposite directions to avoid disaster!

Our vacation was harm no foul !

As I suspected I have to make this a series of blogs over time. Check back often

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