My Day At The Blue Hair Dressage Show In Dripping Springs TX

Dated: July 10 2016

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   Just what is a Blue Hair Dressage Show? I promise this is not a rhetorical question.  According to the horse show sponsor, "Austin Dressage Unlimited", it's a Dressage horse show for fun and relaxation. I have a different opinion of what a Blue Hair dressage show is. A Blue Hair Dressage horse show demonstrates the "Rock Star" status of our equine friends who  are brought to these events, and give it their all (with the rider's encouragement) in front of judges and an audience. Were the spectators here to see their human friends ride?  Not really; they were here to visit their friend's horses. Walking around the venue we all marveled at the manners, personality and quirks of these animals. I hope you can appreciate as I do, each and every time how special and unique, each of them is. 

   The Blue Hair horse show was in  Dripping Springs Ranch Park in  Dripping Springs, TX .  A quaint and beautiful town south of Austin. It has beautiful homes and ranches, great little restaurants, distilleries, an olive oil orchard, and now, dressage shows.  The  Dripping Springs Ranch park is under a large covered arena  with warm up area, spectator seating and horse stalls.  The event center is 166,000 sq. ft. which includes a  riding arena, approx. 100 horse stalls and vendor spaces. They also have a 12,000 sq. ft special venue room for meetings, retreats and galas. Here is a diagram of the facility.Image title

    We started with the back stage tour and found both rider's and horses preparing for the first day of the 2 day show. Here is a braider doing her work on a very curious horse trying to play with his friend in the stall next door! Image title

      Below is Dierdre Malburg riding rock star Gettysburg SLR, owned by Raelynn and Stan Stephens, showing off their moves in the Musical Freestyle Class!
Image title

   The stabling area is the "groupie" section of the horse show where competitors, family members and of course the pets hang out!Here are some pictures. Yes, he wanted some treats! Image title    Below is Chewy aka Chewbacca. He's been here done this and not impressed. This one below decided to take a nap.

Not impressed!

Image title

Fans were going full blast at the Blue Hair Horse Show keeping the competitors as cool as possible.  

Keeping the horses cool in the heat with fans.
Some young fans sneaking in some treats!
Image title
The ultimate horse show star status symbol! The High point ribbon. The horse galloping with this around his neck sends thrills up & down your spine!
Image title And here we are as participating Roadies for the day. Daemie , tallying up the scores for the lucky riders! and me, below getting the exhibitors and judges lunch ready. 
Image title
Image title

Thanks to Austin Dressage Unlimited for putting on the Blue Hair Dressage Show at Dripping Springs Ranch Park and all the organizers and volunteers who worked really hard both days to make this happen!  

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