Monument Cafe Pancake With A Side Of Bacon And Eggs

Dated: December 19 2016

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This morning the Electricity was out and I had about a billion things to do. Life just doesn’t stop every time an unforeseen happens. So, instead of getting upset about it, I accepted the chance to get a little change of scenery. I drove over to Georgetown to find some good food and internet. There are plenty of options to choose from in Georgetown. I walk into the Monument Café.

If you haven’t tried it, you should. The Café is big and open, and was exceptionally full this morning (I guess no one else had electricity either). I love the feel of it with the kitchen and the service areas visible, a large bar in the center as you walk in and vintage-looking light fixtures all around. It seems almost more like a nice cafeteria with all the movement and noise.

The food was good. They serve the largest pancake I have seen, and extra crispy bacon with a touch of pepper. I mean, you can’t even fork the bacon it is so crispy.

The Service was attentive and timely, with hot coffee coming out regularly and a short wait for my order. You know how much I love my morning breakfast, and I am so pleased I chose this one.

With lots of coffee, food and high speed internet (a necessary at any café), I got a lot of work done.

In case you can’t tell, I like to work.

Rain, sleet, snow or blackout, I’ll be working hard!

So, If you need help with a real estate situation, or know someone who does; give me a call at 512-487-3643. I would be glad to help you.

Donna L Bovee

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