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Dated: February 25 2018

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      Austin is a great city for food. Whatever your craving is, you’re sure to find it here in the Lone Star capital somewhere. 

     So I had my eye on Modern Market for a while, since I heard they specialized in healthy, seasonal, organic food with lots of vegetarian, vegan,and gluten-free options. Located at the Arboretum off of 183, it turned to be just as advertised—fresh, light, and with a balance of natural flavors.

      I finally had the chance to go a week ago with a friend who is vegetarian; it wasn’t a hard sell since she’s health-conscious too. Walking in, the design was geometric, with a wall of panels of frosted glass framed with light, yellowish wood separating the dining area from the ordering line. The décor included green accents to emphasize the “natural food” brand, too.

 After standing at the counter trying to choose what to order for several minutes, wefinally decided on what we wanted: my friend went with a “home-style plate”, with theoption to build a meal by choosing a protein and two sides, and her picks were theorganic sesame tofu with the arugula & blue cheese salad and the fire-roastedvegetables; and I went with an eggplant sandwich, plus a half order of the“SUPERduperFOOD” salad on the side. 

Eggplant, gluten free sandwich and SuperDuper Salad!

     All the food turned out to be great, but my sandwich was especially delicious! It was roasted eggplant, charred onion, red bell pepper, goat cheese, and tahini sauce on multigrain bread. The veggies all had that great grilled flavor, and the gluten-free bread was fresh and warm, not too toasted, with crispy outside and softer inside layers.I don’t eat a lot of goat cheese, but I loved how cool and savory it was as a contrast to the other ingredients, and complemented the tangy tahini well. As for the salad, I am not a huge fan of raspberry dressing so I swapped it out for vinaigrette, but everything else was fabulous. The baby greens were fresh and crisp, as would be expected. The quinoa pilaf was full of great flavor and a good mix of chopped veggies. Fruit, golden raisins, and carrots added sweetness, while the almonds and blueberry hemp granola made for extra crunchy texture. I had never thought to put granola in a salad before and found that it was definitely a successful addition! 

Tofu salad, fresh and delicious!

     Overall, Modern Market’s emphasis on fresh, local, and organic produce, along with aspecial consideration for different dietary needs, makes it a great pick for foodies in the Austin area.

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