Love Is Literally In The Air

Dated: February 10 2017

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February has come! The stores are ready to sell anything and everything red, pink, purple and/or heart shaped. We will buy some of those festive items as an expression of “love”. I am glad we try to reach out and express “love”.

There is a beautiful songbird that will be arriving throughout February.

Ever heard of the Purple Martin? The Purple Martin is from the swallow family and is known for its song and color. The males are black with blue/purple and glossy all over.  The females are lighter colored, with patches of black-blue/purple, gray and brown.

They migrate to North America each spring to breed, and return to South America during our winter (5000+ miles each way!). It is one of a few birds that will use man-made housing; much of the Purple Martin population depends on it.  This housing requires special care and design to keep it free of predators and apt for the Purple Martins.

For this reason, different organization and people keep track of its movements to prepare for his arrival.

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This bird’s life is a great analogy of Love.

Love branches past all cultures and landscapes, like the Purple Martin travels through and lives in vastly different places throughout the Americas.

Love is not a Romantic moment or a gift. It’s a battle, and a decision. It takes time to develop and grow. It requires forgiving, giving, and putting someone else first. Love is not about what you want, it’s about what is best for the other person. Love takes us far beyond ourselves, and often requires we walk a hard and long path; but, Love goes the distance.

The Purple Martin knows about battle and distance. He flies 5000+ miles each year to come and sing his love song. He puts in the time, faces the obstacles, and goes the distance. There are hard, dangerous and very fatiguing times, but he goes the distance. His decision to fight brings him closer to the purpose of his flight.

Last but really first, like this bird, Love needs a place/home prepared for it. 

Our hearts and lives must be open to truly loving and caring for others. We have to make room, and continually fight the clutter (distractions) and offenses (predators), to keep Love’s place available and ready for it to multiply and grow.

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Everyone needs love; independent of their country, culture, personality, etc. So many people feel unloved and unwanted. But we are all loved, and just need someone to show us.

I hope this will inspire you to go the distance, to put in the time, to decide to love.

The decision to love will bring you closer to the purpose for your flight.

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