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Dated: October 31 2016

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Renting a House or Condo in Austin? A Realtor Can Help!

You’ve probably noticed that the Austin market is fast-moving and competitive. Hours may make the difference between getting and not getting the home you want. You can get the help of a licensed realtor (preferably Kate Ward) and pay nothing extra, since realtor commissions come from the owner's end. 

In order to streamline the process, here is what your realtor (Might I suggest Kate Ward?) could want before you look at homes:

Copies of driver’s licenses for each applicant (each person 18 years of age or older)

Copies of 2 months of pay stubs or 2 years of tax returns (if you have no pay stubs)

Email addresses for each applicant

Be prepared to show that your household income is at least three times the monthly rent.

Fill out your application(s) – one per adult who is applying. Leave the address blank, until we find the right place.

To save you non-refundable application fees, alert your realtor (Kate Ward, perhaps?) if you expect any issues with your credit, background, employment, or rental history checks. Sometimes, in such cases, you may still be approved. If you do foresee problems, you should be ready with a brief letter, explaining your circumstances, to be turned in with your application and application fee.

Once you've been approved, you'll finish up by providing the funds required. Often, the application fees and deposits will be paid to different people, so I’ll let you know to whom to make each one out. Most rentals ask for only the application fee before the app is approved – usually they require certified funds, like cashier’s checks. If the fee is $50 and there are two applicants, you may submit funds for $100 in one cashier’s check.

It never hurts to submit your security & pet deposits early, if you have the funds free to sit around in someone’s office for up to a week – the landlord/listing agent has 7 days to notify you of approval, though often you’ll receive pending or certain approval earlier.  If you have not already paid them, you will pay these deposits within 24 hours of the application’s approval.  The listing agent or landlord will contact you to sign the lease.

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