Is It Fall Finally

Dated: December 1 2016

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Finally! It feels like fall. I love the Fall season. 

I love it for lots of reasons. One particular reason that jumps to mind is the fact that it finally gets a little cooler. It is that time of the year when cold fronts mild as they can be come rolling through the region easing up the punishing heat and humidity. 

Another reason I love the fall season is the colors in nature start to change. I was recently up north and get to see some of the tree's that were changing colors.  This is also the time of year where it seems more appropriate to eat hot plates of spaghetti or a spicy bowl of chili. 

So get out there and take a walk while you don't have to sweat like crazy. Enjoy the change of season with a hot cup of goodness from your local coffee shop. If you are like me it is finally that time of year that you get to where those fun jackets or winter gear that collects dust most of the year.

Here's to the Season!

Jeff McCharen 

Realtor- Blogger

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