Independence Day To Jump Or Not

Dated: July 8 2017

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Independence Day holds a special place in many of our hearts. Yes, it is the celebration of American's declaration of independence from the rule of the British. Brave Americans had the courage to take such a leap of faith that this break away would succeed. Failure was not an option. Another reason we cherish Independence Day is for the relationships we establish with friends as well as family. It is a day that traditions can be born.  One of these traditions is what I will share in this blog.

We moved to Round Rock in 1985 my son, Billy, was just two and a half years old. As we settled into our new home and began meeting people that lead to true friendships. This lead to an invitation to join a group on Independence Day at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown for a picnic and fireworks show. This group had established a tradition of meeting under a particular towering Oak tree. It was perfectly located in the middle of the action. We learned that there were no "official invitations" once you had joined the group, just come when you can and bring who you want.  Over the years the group expanded and contracted but there was always room for anyone. The adults grew older and the children grew up. Several of the children played sports together and some were neighbors too. As life unfolds and families move around eventually I suppose the tradition dies. I say that not knowing for sure that this happened because we did move away after about 10 years. Every Independence Day I hearken back to those days and wonder if the tradition has carried on.

On one particular Independence Day gathering my parents were in town and went with us that day. By this time the boys were 10-12 years old and allowed to venture out a bit on their own.  Billy & Troy came back to the oak tree and asked me if they could join a bunch of other kids jumping off the walking bridge into the San Gabriel river riding the current under the bridge a hundred feet or so where they could climb out and do it all over again.  After a short discussion Troy's dad and I agreed that they shouldn't do this. The buys were disappointed but took off in another direction. After a hour or so my mom asked where the boys were. We hadn't seen them for a while but it didn't really worry me.  In just a few minutes my mom said I bet they went to the river and are jumping in. Of course since I had told the NO I assured her that they wouldn't do that. My mom says, I"m going to go over tot he bridge and take a look at what they were talking about, it sound pretty fun. I joined my mom for the walk over to the river bridge. As we approached mom says isn't that Billy & Troy? Much to my surprise it was. Even more to my surprise they both jumped into the river and were swept under the bridge floating down stream until the current slowed enough for the to swim to the side and climb out. By this time mom and I had walked down the bank to the area where they were climbing out of the river. As the buys looked up and noticed us standing there the huge smile on their face turned to a look of concern. My mom asked Billy if he had understood that he wasn't given permission to jump into the river. He said yes he understood. I said in my best fatherly voice that there would be consequences for disobeying me to which my sweet little by replied, I know but it was worth it!

So the question is, on Independence Day do you Jump or Not?

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