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Dated: August 6 2016

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As a resident of the Austin Texas Metro since 1982 I seen a thing or two change. Honestly it's a little mind boggling at times. As a full time REALTOR® and member of the Austin Board of REALTORS since 2007  I get around both on a personal level and when I am listing and showing homes. 

Before I became a REALTOR®, I purchased five properties, I was confident that I knew everything about purchasing a home (NOT!). Much to my surprise, once I became a REALTOR® I learned the real inside scoop about the "process," and discovered I was mistaken. Over the years as a REALTOR® I have come to realize how important it is for a potential buyer to know the short term plan. 

I've found that most people want to choose a place to live based on a few specific criteria, in a macro sense. No particular order here: 1) Schools 2) Commute to Work 3) Life Style. Yes, some folks are different and have much more criteria but that's the micro view. With this in mind we begin the "process" of buying a home.

Step #1: Connect and commit to a local REALTOR® that can serve your needs. To name a few necessities: 1) availability when you need/want them. 2) Temperament that can coexist with your family. 3) Knowledge 4) Answers email and phone calls quickly, the next day isn't good enough most of the time!

Step #2: Get referrals to a lender. Get written quotes from a few then select one to work with. Lenders either make their money through interest rate, fees or on the back end (selling the loan). Rest assured in the end they do make their money somewhere.

Step#3: Once a budget is established based on your comfort level and the lenders willingness to loan an amount equal or higher than your budget the selection process can begin. Having a budget you are comfortable with is your number one criteria not an amount a lender will "approve."

Step #4: Locate the closest neighborhood that fits the most of your criteria.  Here's where it can get difficult because you can't always find the perfect house in the perfect place for the budget you have. Sometimes we have to adjust a little farther out of the perfect area to find a more suitable house.

From here there are dozens of steps to take and details to work through. Having a REALTOR® that is on your team will make the process as smooth as possible. If and when a problems does arise you'll be glad you have your trusted REALTOR® right there for you.  

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