Home Value And Economic Kitchen Renovation

Dated: October 22 2016

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Economic Kitchen Reno With Big Returns 

– From a Realtor’s perspective

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As a realtor, I can tell you the likely impression people have of your home.  The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. If you are thinking of selling, or just want an improvement to your dated or worn kitchen; there are small details that can make an enormous difference. So, here are some economical and impacting changes you can make to your kitchen that will affect the look of your home and the return.

  • Remove excess

If your kitchen has more appliances than counter space, ask yourself which ones you really use, and store the others; or even better get rid of the ones you don’t really need, and feel better about your life. Does anyone really need a specified gadget for each task?

If things fall out of the cabinets, while you are trying to get something else, it’s probably time to limit the amount of dishes and containers you own. 

Cabinets and countertops look so much more inviting and spacious with less on them. Also, everything that can get dirty will, and then you’ll have to clean it. With less, your kitchen looks better and you have limited what can pile up for later.

  • Fix cabinets and drawers

Recently, I wanted to do an open house and went to preview the home. As I walked through each room, I noticed doors off of hinges, toilet paper holders pulled from the wall, and kitchen cabinet doors detached. This home had lots of possibilities and good features on paper, but who can see past that much disrepair? If you are planning on selling or want your kitchen to look new: get a screwdriver, buy some new hinges, screws and putty; and repair those things. You will probably feel better about your home and be much less likely to get frustrated by a buyer requesting a price reduction and that you fix those issues anyway.

  • Paint/stain your cabinets

If your kitchen looks dated or is just not to your liking, try to spruce it up with a new stain or paint. This can be laborious, but painting is one of the #1 things you can do to add value for little cost. Get a screwdriver, buy some painters tape and pick out a color. Make sure to get the appropriate type of paint for your cabinets.

 I just saw a house, in an excellent neighborhood, where they decided to save money on their kitchen renovation by painting the old cabinets. They looked like new ones! Who could tell they didn’t trade them out? You don’t have to pay for new cabinets to make your kitchen look new.

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  • Change out knobs and handles, or remove them

Knobs and handles can make a big statement. They can add color or give your kitchen a since of style. Personally I like vintage handles, but lots of the modern simplistic designs skip the handles and knobs completely. You can too, if you like. Remove your current hardware, fill the holes with wood putty (or whatever is adequate for your cabinets’), and sand down any lumps before painting.

If you want hardware, you can find a large variety online, at hardware stores or in antique shops. I recommend you take some of your current hardware if you don’t want to have to drill new holes in your cabinets. Verify that the new hardware will fit into the already drilled holes, and save yourself some time.

I hope you take these ideas to heart and improve your home and/or investment property.

If you need more advice, or know someone who does, give me a call.

-Donna Bovee, Realtor

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