Happiness Is An Off Leash Austin Dog Park

Dated: March 30 2017

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Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Austin is a dog-town. I think any city with a restaurant like Yard Bar can claim that. For dogs who prefer wide open spaces to casual dining, a great off-leash park is a treat. Red Bud Isle is beautiful when you're looking for a big swim. Auditorium Shores works for dogs who won't run off; for those who might, the Norwood Estate at Riverside and 35 is fenced and usually packed with potential dog friends. My favorite, though, is Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park at 12138 North Lamar Blvd., between Yager and Braker.

This place occupied my kids and dogs for hours when everyone was much younger. We'd start off by heading down the trails beside the playground and head back to the first creek crossing, where there were often a frisky pack of dogs ready to splash and roam with my big water-lovers. From there, we'd meander through the woods, watching for mountain bikers, who love the variety of challenging paths. The kids knew when they saw a bike coming to call the nearest dog and hold them still while the bike passed. 

Some people leash-up for the trails and just lose the leash for the water crossings. There are a couple of spots where the creek crosses the trail and dogs gather to play and tug at sticks floating in the water. The water is often running clear and pretty. I don't drink it, but the dogs sure do. 

My kids are grown now, but I still love to head out to Walnut Creek with my honey and our two pups. Sometimes we stick to our route for a quick walk, but I especially love the slower times, when the weather is still cool-ish and we can notice fossils in the rocks and appreciate bird sounds and spiderwebs. I love that Walnut Creek accomodates the quick, gotta-exercise type visits, and the slow, lazy kind. 

Do mind the cliffs! On one of my first visits there, I started to throw a ball for my dog and couldn't quite tell if the trail continued straight ahead or veered to the left. Lucky for Cosmo, I checked. It was a long drop into a lot of rocks. Also, take a friend - there is the occasional human danger as well, though I've never come across any trouble myself. 

I've sold a couple of wonderful homes in 78753 and highly recommend the area for people wanting to stay in Austin-proper, but not ready to break the bank to buy a home. Call me to help you find a great deal in the area and then we'll see each other sometimes at the park!

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