First Do No Harm

Dated: 01/16/2017

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As a realtor in this competitive Austin market, my intention is to ease a process that, even when it's fairly straightforward, can still be stressful. My goal is to get you what you want. To that end, the tools I use most are researchcommunication, and drive

Selling and buying homes, while emotional, is a business transaction - a large one. My top priority is for you to make the best business decision you can, whether it's in determining a listing price or negotiating an offer. I look at comparable properties - consider lots of variables and details - to give you a smart range of choices. I keep abreast of research tools and listen to my industry mentors. As a former high school English teacher, I have an eye for detail, combing through contracts and communications with my most critical gaze to be sure I don't get cocky and start assuming that each transaction is like the one before it. I do the research so that you start ahead of the pack. 

Additionally, I want the other participants in my transactions to enjoy working with me and to find my communications clear, so that when I present your offer, they think, "I've worked with Kate Ward before - not only does she produce immaculate contracts, but she also has a genuine, pleasant demeanor and her emails make sense." The last thing I want getting in the way of your dream-home is my personality. A doctor promises to first, do no harm. I vow not to harm your opportunities by being an unpleasant or an unprofessional person.  

The first two tools are really there to back up the third - drive. I don't make your goals my own just to pay the bills. I absolutely love being a champion for you. I'm meditating with your thoughts and dreams floating through my head. When a home comes on the market, I'm on the phone to get us in the door first - why wait for that open house? When we're waiting to hear about an offer, I'm watching the phone more than is socially appropriate.  When we do get the contract that several other people were bidding for, I am definitely dancing enough to embarrass my grown children. I truly enjoy the entire real estate process and I would love to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. 

Let's get you what you want!

Kate Ward - Realtor

Team Price Real Estate


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