Facing Foreclosure May I HELP YOU

Dated: 02/08/2018

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Facing Foreclosure? May I HELP YOU?

Getting a letter of inquiry or notice of audit from the IRA may be the worst letter you can get but getting a notice of foreclosurehas to be a strong second! I do know if you get either of these notices your first step should be to get professional help. I'm not a lawyer or account so I can't help with the IRS but I may be able to provide helpful guidance on a potential foreclosures.

First assess if/how you can get back on track by catch up any delinquent payments. Is a temporary second job a solution? Sometimes working just an extra few hours one day a week would do the trick!

If that's not possible, check with relatives early on to see if they can help you to catch up.

Contact the lender as early as possible to discuss alternative solutions. 

The last solution may be to sell your home.

If you live in Texas, I can help with analyzing your home's sale. It would be a rare case in this area that your home's value wouldn't cover your mortgage and cost to sell. While this is not the ideal solution it may be the best option rather than ruining your credit for years to come.


I hope this isn't your situation but if it is and you want solid guidance give me a shout. 


Morris “Bill” Austin ~ REALTOR® ~ Team Price Real Estate

Austin Texas Metro ~ Serving Sellers & Buyers successfully since 2007

Text ~ Email ~ Call ~ 512-709-6343 ~ bill@teamprice.com

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