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Dated: September 29 2016

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Austin – Ciudad de Mexico, Non-stop!

Austin continues to grow rapidly! It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With so much diversity and flavor, it is a great location to live in and visit.

I found out recently that we will now have non-stop flights to Mexico City, via Aeromexico. This is just another sign of the continual growth of Austin, especially its Hispanic population. This new non-stop flight is scheduled to start November 17th, 2016! I think this new flight will be a great addition for residents of Austin, their family and friends, and even just vacationers looking for a warm spot this fall. They will no longer have to endure flight changes nor long drives to Houston/Dallas, etc.! Family and friends can come straight to Austin, and we can get to recreating in Mexico City faster!

With all of Austin’s festivals, attractions and activities, I wouldn’t be surprised if these flights fill up quickly.

So, if you want to get seats or more information, make sure you visit AeroMéxico’s website.

I already did!

If you know someone who is relocating (maybe to/from Mexico!) and needs a realtor to help them sell, buy and/or lease, give me a call! 512-497-3643

-Donna Bovee

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