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Dated: October 12 2016

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When looking for your new home, keep in mind these 5 features:Image title

  • An open concept or good flow.

It is really hard to get the party started when people can’t find each other and music and/or activities are not heard throughout the entertaining areas of the home. Guests need to feel comfortable moving from room to room in your home. This doesn’t mean your home must be open concept; but it should have a good comfortable flow, that allows your guests to participate in all that is going on.

  • An easily accessible guest bathroom

 If you want to have parties and get-togethers; a bathroom on the main floor, near the public areas, is vital. This is my number 2 because any party that offers food and drink (all should) will have guests needing to use a bathroom.  It can be uncomfortable for your guests (and yourself) to have to go in search of a bathroom in private areas of the home.

At the same time, avoid a bathroom that is too accessible. Bathrooms that open up right into an area for entertaining (living room, kitchen, etc.) can be even more uncomfortable for your guests, No one likes to feel watched as they enter and exit the bathroom, especially if the party hasn’t been so hardy on their digestive tract…

  • Good outdoor spaces

A nicely manicured lawn, a patio and/or deck can be great additions to your party space. They can open up your options for entertaining: you can barbecue, have a spring luncheon, a breezy evening get-together, or maybe a winter fire pit sit.

A pool can be another great outdoor space for socializing and having parties. It is especially great during hot months of the year. A pool can offer a lot of fun without having to spend a lot of time planning or coordinating.

  • Windows

I consider windows to be very important in an entertainer’s home. Windows allow the party to start before the front door. They also provide light, a feeling of openness, and can provide a nice optical distraction. Windows help create good flow at a party when you are using indoor and outdoor space. If you have windows looking out onto your deck, guests inside can visually connect with the party outside (vice versa), making them feel more free to flow between both spaces.

  • Separation between public and private spaces

If you have ever experienced that annoying moment when you find a guest looking through your personal belongings; or felt the worry of a guest opening the wrong door and seeing what your house really looks like when you don’t have visitors, then you understand the need for separation. A home for entertaining should provide good separation between private and public spaces. That can be done with a hallway, staircase, or even proper door placement. In addition, If your home has a guest bath near the public spaces (number 2), there will be no need for guests to invade the private areas of your home.

I hope you found this information useful. Keep these features in mind while on the hunt. 

If you know someone who is looking to buy/sell/lease, contact me. I would be glad to help them find what they need.

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