Can You Tell When A House Has Been Loved

Dated: 04/16/2016

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I can tell.  I can tell when a house has been loved.

No matter how large or small. Mobile home or mansion. No matter what the socioeconomic status of the owners. Love lives in the walls.

Or it doesn't.

Most of the hundreds upon hundreds of homes I preview generally have a similar, lived-in feel. But when a home is loved and especially cared for, the difference is palpable. The air, the belongings inside, take on a quality that make everything feel special.

There have only been two times in my four-year real estate career that I have felt the extreme opposite of love inside a home that was for sale or lease. Several years ago, I walked into a foreclosed home that was not only in severe disrepair, despite the fact that I don't remember it being more than 10 years old, it also felt as if there was a significant negative energy about the property. I commented on it to the buyer. The next time I had this strong negative sense about a home that I was showing I waited to see what the buyers’ reactions would be before communicating the gut feeling I was getting.

This home was located in one of the more affluent areas in Austin and was vacant and outdated. Neither of which would typically stir up a particular emotion. But this one felt odd. There was an eery sense about it. The clients ran 30 minutes late, so I had more time to spend in the home. By the time they arrived, I was curious to hear their reaction.

Within five minutes of them entering, after scanning the large living area, one of them spoke, “There is bad energy in here. Let’s go.” It was only then that I mentioned haven’t felt the same thing. I told her this was only the second time I had felt it to this degree. As we walked out, she told me about the energy work and Pranic healing that she was involved with.

The discussion that we had about this made me even more trusting about the intuitive nudges we receive on a daily basis.

When it comes to the spaces we inhabit, feeling good, productive, and healthy is paramount. Honor your gut feelings, hone your hunches, become attuned to your head AND your heart.

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