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Dated: 04/30/2016

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About three months in to my real estate career, I realized I'd chosen a brokerage that wasn't quite right for me - it was big and friendly, but I never felt quite seen. 

Then I got a call from Dan Price with Team Price Real Estate. 

I could sense when I met him that he was comfortable with his role in the real estate world in a way I hoped to be. He was clearly suggesting his own firm and "selling" me on himself, but I didn't feel pressured and I felt that he was being sincere. 

"I'm a people person, but I am not schmoozy, and I don't want to become schmoozy," I told him. Dan didn't mind that I made up words to describe myself and he was adamant that being genuine is a huge component of their business model. 

At my previous brokerage, I was never quite sure whom to call with a question or for general advice (especially that). Dan assured me that he would be available to help almost all the time and that when he wasn't, his dad or another agent would be. He has been true to his word. He has answered texts from me at all hours and never seems put out by my need to confirm information. 

Dan studies real estate constantly. He holds classes more than once a week at the office and on the web, updating us on best practices, ethics rules, and market tendencies. The agents who had been with him for a while confirmed that he was brilliant about real estate. The materials he provided to me as a new agent were extensive and are constantly updated to include changes in the business. 

Starting out, it can be difficult to maintain confidence in the face of so many more experienced agents, but Dan Price and his dad Earl, at Team Price Real Estate, put me at ease. I know my contracts will be immaculate and I know my clients won't have to wait for their answers. That has allowed me to tell people, without feeling schmoozy, that I can be a great agent for them. I have the support to make that true. 

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