Williamson County Economic Review Part 1 Mark Sprague

Dated: September 28 2016

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I recently attended an economic review for Williamson County.  I found it pretty interesting; especially considering the growth that Williamson County has/is experiencing.  Several industry experts spoke, here are notes from the first speaker! (BTW, if you want to chat about this, call or email me! Erin!TeamPrice.Com or 512-919-0653.

Mark Sprague, Economist and Real Estate industry expert, shared that he believed the likelihood of an interest rate hike is slim in 2016. And, he thinks the likelihood for 2017 is also low.   He also mentioned that as always, the fall season is giving us a little slower market…”some things never change”.  Mark was asked about the luxury home market being “way off”, and he was not as concerned with it being a pre-cursor to a recession because we still are experiencing good job growth.   And, per Mark’s opinion, the Austin area will continue to see positive growth/market run for the next 3-5 years.   

Any ways, my thought is if you are looking to buy in the luxury market…call me!  It is a buyer’s market with over 13 mos of inventory! And with interest rates remaining low, it makes buying more appealing in any price range!!!!!

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