First Time Home Buyers Must Dos In Austin

Dated: August 29 2016

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FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS MUST DO’s:  I love working with first time home buyers. They tend to be excited and yes, sometimes scared all at the same time! But there is nothing like the moment they realize they have found the perfect first home!  Home buying, especially for first time home buyers, can be an extremely emotional process. I like to partner with them thru the journey of buying their first home!  Here is some of the input I like to share with buyers to help get them started on the right track:

  • PICK THE RIGHT PROFESSIONAL TEAM – Many people will be involved in the purchase of your new home, but finding the right Real Estate Agent.   Your Real Estate Agent should be patient, informative and show you homes only within your parameters.  Your Agent’s job is to help educate you on things you don’t even know to inquire about, as well as navigate you thru the entire home buying process as your advocate.  It’s not just about offering the highest sales price to help you win a contract on your home purchase. There are many, many ways to help your offer be the strongest, AND a great Real Estate Agent can help you with this!  As for your lender, I strongly recommend picking a lender that you personally connect with. Are they available to meet in person if needed? Will they give you their cell phone to be contacted ‘after hours’ or on the weekends?  How far will they go to qualify you personally prior to finding the perfect home?  Is the lender able to help you find a down payment assistance programs that works best for you?   Is the lender able to help you meet you goals thru some of the ‘less commonly used’ loan programs? 

  • KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CAN AFFORD TO SPEND – Knowing this early in the process can save you time and energy, as well has help you avoid disappointment.  If you go in a home and fall in love with it but it is out of your price range, it can really take the joy out of the process and leaves you with a ‘blah’ feeling even if you find a perfectly wonderful home you CAN afford.  It is kind of like driving the Maserati first when you can afford a great Nissan Versa. No offense to the Nissan Versa meant at all –father-in-law drives one and it is a FABULOUS cars!

  • STOP BIG SPENDING JUST PRIOR TO  OR DURING THE BUYING PROCESS -  I know, I know...but you found the perfect new couch to go in the fabulous new living room and want it delivered on the day of closing.  Home buyers’ credit gets checked multiple times during the home buying process. You could risk delaying the closing if you make a big purchase in the middle of it all!

  • CHECK OUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAREFULLY – Before you put an offer on a home, look at crime reports and police activity for the area.  Pay attention to how well the lawns and common areas are maintained.  Spend time at community events. Talk to people at the area schools.  Drive in the neighborhood at different times of day and night. Do you feel safe at night? Are there people out and about or is there a grown man lurking at the park in the middle of the afternoon with his sex offender t-shirt on?  That is extreme...but the point is that you should do the research before buying.

  • CONSIDER RESALE VALUE – You might love the turquoise carpet, but probably not the best for resale.  Notice what the property backs up to. Is it a railroad track or nice greenbelt area? Understanding the school district and its performance is also very important.  Many things are a matter of preference and you have to balance that with ability to sell the home when you decide to move to something different! 

Email me when you would like to discuss the home buying process further! Happy to help your or any of your friends!  Erin@TeamPrice.Com

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