Why Is The Sink In The Bedroom

Dated: August 1 2016

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Sink in the bedroom

Why "O" Why is there a sink in the bedroom with no door to bring some modest separation from the sink.

This is something that I do not understand when I see it in houses.......and I do see it when touring homes. I am not sure who came up with this or if it was a fad for a bit with builders. Either way I am not a big fan of this. I know it may not be a deal breaker when it comes to buying a house but I have not run across the person who loves this feature. 

Maybe just maybe there are buyers who love this concept of buying a house with no door to separate you from the sound of the sink activities. I guess if you love the sound of flowing water then maybe.........which by the way you can now get with a simple app on your phone. 

The problem is now we have the electronic toothbrush which makes a humming sound which I would liken to a distant jack hammer a block or two away or maybe a drill in the next room! You must also consider the morning shave with its splashing or clanking sounds depending on the particular method employed. 

Now if you use a hair dryer then forget about anyone sleeping. The person who was still in the bed a few feet over just got their sweet dream invaded by a tornado barreling over them only to wakeup to the sound of someone drying their hair.

On a positive note, if you need to use the sink...... it is really close by. I guess if you need to have a conversation with someone while they put on their make up or floss their teeth they are conveniently right there.  Also, if you need a quick drink in the night then you can slip over there a grab a quick refill on your water. (Stay hydrated my friends)

Is it a big deal? That depends on if someone is a light sleeper then it could be problematic. Otherwise it is just a cosmetic design that most people are not that into.

Or just roll with it and enjoy the sounds of the sink activities. Remember you can always buy a white noise machine or download an app for your listening pleasures if you need to cover up the sink sounds.

So my conclusion on the old sink in the bedroom situation is build a door and there is no more situation.

Jeff McCharen

Team Price Inc.

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