130 Years Of Starvation

Dated: March 29 2017

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Global Warming has been a reoccurring topic in the news for the past several years. At first, there was a lot of skepticism, but now that there are more signs of Global Warming happening all over the world every day it becomes harder to ignore and refute. Now, the attitudes of many seem to have shifted from disbelief to mockery. “Global warming” is thrown out as a “catch phrase” or “one liner”. Understandably, when faced with hard truths, we humans go through processes of denial; we refuse to believe, callous ourselves, or we avoid thinking about it. 

Are global warming and climate change something we can afford to laugh about? In my opinion they are not. Even if we could live out our lives without seeing the full effects of this almost out of control process, I don’t believe that is acceptable, it would not be right.

So, I ask myself when will the effects be scary enough to force us to face the situation and do something about it?

Global Warming is basically an increase in the earths average temperature that may or may not be attributed to greenhouse gases. These changes are very important as they effect so many other aspects of our climate, life and planet. Unfortunately, our current global warming situation is not a regular cycle that the earth goes through. It is being linked to the high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This potentially means that the heating is not a phase that will eventually level out, but rather a dangerous alteration.

 For those who are still skeptical, some of the signs we are already witnessing are: high temperatures, drought, changes in species (migrating, dying, etc.), flooding, wildfires, decrease in the amount of ice and glaciers, etc.  Look into these symptoms of the global warming, you will find that they are occurring. India had record high heats last year, along with drought and 2 years of low rain. The Great Barrier Reefs in Australia are under serious distress right now, with high percentages of the corals bleaching and dying off. Mass die offs of different species are occurring. We have decreased amounts of ice at the poles. The earths average temperature has increased. Irregular flooding is occurring, etc.

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The earth has been equipped to sustain the life forms that live on it, and has done so for a long period of time. The fact that many species are dying based on climate that previously sustained them, tells me something is seriously wrong.

The signs are there. Now, I just wonder if we will get serious about this before it is too late. Think about it. Since the full swing Industrial Revolution (1820 +/-), when we really started producing mass amounts of greenhouse gases, until now; 137 years have passed. If it has taken us that long to start recognizing there is an issue, how much longer will it take us to undo this situation. And if we wait until many species have gone extinct and food is scarce to do try to fix this situation, will we be able to survive another 130+ years (under those conditions) for the cycle to revert?

Just for you information, 30 days without food is sufficient to kill. Without clean water, with extremely high temperatures and bad air quality, I am sure that number would decrease.

I want to live responsibly, and this is what helps drive me each day. 

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